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Permaculture Designing

If you have land and need professional to design your space, we are here for you. Our team will conduct an initial site visit and submit a report with proposed fees within a week. Then follows a Concept Design and a Detailed Permaculture Design. 

Fees are charged for the site visit, the designing process, and the reimbursement of travel expenses.


Designing & Execution

Besides designing, we also guide you in implementing the project. After the designing process, we will start with the earthworks, and soil building in the first season, and in the next season, we will be doing the plantation. Our initial commitment is for 2 years. Further support will be provided online as needed. 

We also offer Online consultancy

We offer online consultancy for clients who are far from Telangana or have budget constraints. We will start with online calls/meetings to discuss the land, surroundings, and requirements in detail. Subsequently, we organize a thorough 2-5 day site visit for in-depth site analysis, concept designing, and primary earthworks. Any further assistance will be continued through online calls/ meetings as needed.

Green Hills

Take the First step to your Design

A questionnaire is to understand your needs & lands'.

Once you submit the form, our team will contact you. 

How we work

01 Consultation

Permaculture designs evolves from the needs of the custodian and the earth. The 'Questionnaire' is the first and crucial step in the designing process as it serves both the custodian and the team to envision a bigger picture of the land. The values, interests, needs, and challenges will guide the designing process.

02 Site study

We will arrange a 'Site visit', to analyse project background information, observe onsite conditions, sectors, challenges and potentials of the land, and understand the client's vision for the land. After our meeting, a design brief summarising the observations, vision & goal for the site is prepared, which strongly adheres to our principles and sent to you along with design fees and services for your consideration.

03 Preliminary Concept Design

With reference to the above details, we will submit a Preliminary design concept with summary of all the elements and requirements the design solution should incorporate for your review and approval. While the designing process begins, we can simultaneously begin the site work with primary soil building.

04 Detailed Permaculture Design

After reviews and discussion, the final draft with all the detailing needed to create your permaculture space will be submitted. This may also include vegetation data and plantation plan.

05 On-site Consultuation

We also assist you in implementing your plan. We provide the required guidance & exhibit models during the execution phase. After an initial commitment of two years, maintenance of the site will have to be taken care by the custodian. 

Quarter-acre Model Farm.png

Project Execution Stages

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