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Permaculture philosophy: What brings us to Permaculture

Our current consumption lifestyle is pushing us towards disaster. The more we give power to industries to control our water , the energy , our natural resources and basic needs the more we are feeding to war and globalization.

Despite India's status as the nation with the largest farmer population, we are the largest consumers too. Let's not take pride in consumption or organic growth. Instead, let's take pride in processing, saving, and collectively conserving our natural resources and basic needs. Wasting energy on internal conflicts is senseless; during natural disasters, unity is essential. What we truly need is collective action – a time to come together and address the challenges we face.

People are the only critical resources needed by the people. If we organise our talents and skills within our community, it is sufficient to support each other. We need to focus more on the basic human skills that take cares of our own physical, mental and social well being. Let us add more to our local communities. Let us know where our food is coming from, where our water is coming from...

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