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Food scaping with edible groundcover

A seating area with edible groundcover

How small is your space to grow food?

Edible groundcovers are small herbs that can be grown in any space, whether you have an open area or grow them as an understory. They are also a source of food, a food that you can grow abundant with very less effort. These low-growing plants will spread out quickly and serve multiple purposes!

Why have groundcovers or edible groundcovers?

🍀Food for culinary uses: Most of the native groundcovers are edible and have high medicinal value. You can either cook them directly or add in dal or use them as toppings.

🍀Greenery & beautification: These little plants adapt to the area so quickly and thrive well all season giving a lush green experience.

🍀Invitation to pollinators: The tiny flowers attract beneficial insects like bees to your garden, and improve the yield by increasing pollination.

🍀Fragrance: They also brighten your garden with aromatic foliage and delicate flowers.

🍀Pest control: Some groundcovers also aid in pest management by attracting predators or repelling pests. Add more color and smell to your garden.

🍀Living mulch: These ground huggers are the perfect mulch for the soil. They remain throughout with minimum maintenance. You don't have to go in search of another source for mulch.

🍀Soil & soil life protection: They act as a mulch layer on your soil & nurture the desirable soil life and limit soil erosion.

🍀Low maintenance: Choose perennial native plants of your location and then see them establish. Rest is all nature's work.

🍀Weed growth suppression: These dense covers, shade the ground and limit the availability of sunlight for the seeds/ rhizomes of weed to grow.

You will find a ground cover for every region, soil condition, sunlight, and water requirement. Depending on your location, conditions, and needs you can choose the right plant to grow.

Some examples of edible groundcover:

Brahmi Groundcover

Nasturtium Groundcover

Hydrocotyle Groundcover

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