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Permaculture for our little ones: childhood nature connection

Now I see the secret of making the best person, it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth. – Walt Whitman

Why is there a rising interest in connecting children with nature?

That's for own well-being, as well as for ecological sustainability!

Childhood, including early childhood, is the formative period of a child's life. During this period, he/she experiences intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. So this period plays a vital role in creating an ecological identity and developing a positive relationship with nature in them.

Nature is an open-ended learning laboratory. It has no rules and that gives our little ones a sense of freedom. It is unknown that it lets them explore, develops the child's ability to solve obstacles he/she faces. Nature provides countless opportunities for exploration, creativity, and problem-solving. Nature-based learning awakens their senses. You will have meaningful learning wherein you integrate ideas from several different perspectives. One needs to be adaptive and open to learning. Individuals who are versatile, respect diversity & share community awareness.

Permaculture for the little ones

Permaculture is an environmental education program in action! It's a beneficial and stimulating program that your young ones can engage in. We must inculcate the principles of ‘Earth care, People care & Fair share’ into their lives.

Look at these little ones helping out their parents set up their new farm. Not concerned about getting mud on their tiny hands, wholeheartedly engaged in the planting process.

Now, why do children love to play in the soil?

Studies show that soil includes microbes that can regulate your emotions and strengthen your immune system. Yes, microbes in the soil might protect us!

And they also play a key role in determining the nutrient content of our food. Playing in the soil stimulates our senses, lowers stress levels, fights anxiety and anger, and provides an overall happier and more relaxed life.

Have you ever wondered why children growing in farms have lower rates of allergy and asthma than those raised in urban areas? Studies show that the microbes in soil influence a child's response to allergens from pregnancy to through her/his lifetime. Even it is observed that in families growing pet animals, the children have low allergy chances.

Nature is all-inclusive. We all should let children explore in the wild. They would love to experience the sights, smells, sounds, and textures of the outdoors. Let them observe & experience the power of nature and be creative.

Engage them in activities like,


🫐Foraging, cooking & tasting all flavors

☁️Observing the forms & changes in various elements (soil, plants, sky,...)

🧩Touching & feeling the patterns

🦨Listening to the sounds of nature

💦Following the wind, water

...and many more...

Let's introduce them to the permaculture concept at a young age.

And remember next time when you are out with your young ones, get into the soil with them :)

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