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Permaculture rainwater harvesting pond

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Pic: Rainwater harvesting Pond at Aranyani farm.

Loving watching this little ecosystem grow in harmony.

Frog and tortoise seems to be happy with it also. And water for wild animals and birds too. Created a new ecosystem and a solution to water crisis.

Small systems are easier to maintain. This means that it is easier to achieve maximum yield and make the most of your work. Only build what you can maintain, and always maintain what yo build.

Water is always the number one priority for any permaculture design's no matter where you go and what mineral deficiencies you have, there are plants who can adapt to these conditions, but no plant can live without water! That's why permaculture design tries to harvest, retain and rescue as much water as possible before it is lost from system.

There are Two basic strategies of water conservation on farms:

  1. Storing water in the soil - diversion of surface water to dams/ponds and tanks for later use

  2. Storing it on the surface

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