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Permaculture Resource Category

Natural forces like the sun, wind & rain are the energies coming into the system. When these energies are translated into useful reserves, we call them "Resources".

Resources may be surplus or scarce in a system. And all the resources cannot be used in the same way & to the same end. That's where the importance of Ethical Resource management comes in.

Below are the Five Resource Categories based on the use & result approach described by Bill Mollison in the 'Permaculture: A Designers' Manual'.

1. Those which increase by modest use

Herbs & shrubs, when tips are pruned or pinched off, the grow more profusely.

2. Those which disappear or degrade if not used

The annual vegetables, if not harvested at right time the plant eventually dies off.

3. Those unaffected by use

Chop & drop trees, however we prune them, they grow back with full fledge.

4. Those reduced by use

Timber trees, when mature are felled & that the reduces the canopy cover.

5. Those which pollute or destroy other resources if used

Allelopathic plants, they restrict the growth of neighbouring plants by releasing biochemicals.

To balance out a functional system, the first 4 categories of resources need to be planned & efficiently used while the 5th category must be excluded. Also builds a natural and sustainable system.

Whenever you design a system it was important to understand the needs/requisites and efficiently use the resources to produce the enough yield. Any produce that is abundant must be shared (within community, wildlife, or back to the earth). A well managed ecosystem will always yield you better.

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