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Urban Permaculture Garden Designing

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Energy flows in a system..

Urban places are were most of the energy is consumed and were most of the waste is generated. This also includes the hidden or embodied energy flows (resources that are used outside the city for production & are brought to the city & consumed therein).

Think of the energy consumption in urban food system. It starts from the agricultural phase, where the production takes place. Then continues through the transportation & distribution of food to retailers and households, and ends in waste handling. Its huge!

So, what can we do?

As in Permaculture says, 'The problem is the solution'. Here one solution to the food system in urban areas is to establish food production sites within the city's sphere. Regardless of small or large spaces in cities, creative garden designs will help. Considering the energy and resource requirement we can design the urban spaces effectively.

Through the art of Urban Permaculture Garden, we design the urban spaces to spaces providing food & recreation.

Here are some tips to small urban space gardening:

☘️Growing perennial plants

☘️Growing Multifunctional plants (Productive & Beautifying)

☘️Curved & keyhole pathways

☘️Stacking of function like Trellis on pathways

☘️ Spiral beds & staggered way of planting

☘️Fair share with wildlife

☘️Community building (Swap your produce)


☘️ Using mulch or groundcover & save water

☘️ Lastly save seeds!!

Fig: Comparison of how creative designs matter in saving space & more production

Fig: Concept Design of an 300 yard space in Hyderabad City

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