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A Permaculture Garden for our feathered friends

A Birdbath Garden Concept by Sivani

Watching birds, our feathered friends flying seamlessly all around is always a soothing experience. The little chirpings, songs right to the soul, one must be blessed to begin their day hearing them.

In the early days, there was a high number of birds all around. They had a good amount of food available, trees that can provide nesting sites, and the ‘traditional goodwill of people to all living beings let them flourish.

Time has changed everything. We have lost a majority of such beautiful sights. There are people with good intentions to recover the lost greenery and sustain life. Even though there are areas with a good green cover, they are not successful in hosting all birds.

Today, due to rapid urbanisation there is an overall decrease in diversity as well as an increase in only a small subset of species. Omnivorous and cavity nesters are more conducive in urban environments when compared to insectivores and ground-nesting birds. This does not bring balance to the ecosystem.

Birds have multiple services in the ecosystem like any other creatures. They help in pollination, seed dispersal, control pests, and prey on rodents. They are garbage scavengers. Their excretory products help in nutrient cycling. They are a connecting link of humans to nature. Birds also play a role in culture (there are various religious, customs & beliefs related to birds).

Being a beneficial organism, they do deserve a good environment to live in.

How do we create a good environment for our feathered friends?

🪶 Create small patches of nesting sites (dense trees & bushes) completely free from disturbances

🪶 Maintain patches of native vegetation

🪶 Include a variety of food items (fruits, flowers, seeds, insects..)

🪶 Include local water bodies (if present) or have bird baths

Even if you have a small space you could make this happen!

How? Checkout our previous blog "Urban Permaculture Garden Designing"

Create your own bird garden & enjoy the music for both eyes and soul, bringing a wave of sweet earthly joy!

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